LogiMed 2016 (past event)

October 17-October 18, 2016

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Day 1

08:30 AM - 09:35 AM Registration and welcome coffee

09:35 AM - 09:40 AM Welcome Remarks

Gemma Burns, Conference Director,LogiMed 2016


Rick Demarais

Director, Global JJOS Deployment Leader
Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems

Going Global: Successfully Managing Supply Chain Integration

09:50 AM - 10:10 AM KEYNOTE: Best-in-class strategies to build a fully integrated global supply chain for 2017 and beyond

Johannes Roehren, Senior Vice President Operations Strategy & Performance, BSN Medical

As the trend towards globalisation continues apace, managing the supply chain has become more complex and business critical. In this keynote session, Johannes Röhren, SVP Operations Strategy & Performance at BSN Medical, will help guide you through the minefield of developing a truly integrated supply chain organisation that meets the needs of a modern global business.

  • What challenges are supply chains facing in times of political turmoil (Brexit, Turkey, etc.), accelerating M&A activities in the industry, and increasing customer demands?
  • What are the capabilities that allow global supply chain organizations to cope with these challenges?
  • How should global supply chain organisations integrate with other functions and find a good fit between local and global responsibilities?
  • How can senior supply chain leadership enhance profitability and increase competitiveness of the overall business?


Johannes Roehren

Senior Vice President Operations Strategy & Performance
BSN Medical

10:10 AM - 10:50 AM ALL STAR PANEL: How can you best manage the impact of M&A on your supply chain? Keeping pace with a fast-changing landscape

Mathijs Luts, Director Supply Chain EMEA & India, St. Jude Medical Paul De Swaef, VP Supply Chain Operations EMEA, Stryker Glynis Sylvester, Director, Becton Dickinson

It’s no secret that the medical device industry is in the midst of a period of unprecedented M&A activity and 2016 looks to be continuing the trend with the Abbott-St Jude Medical megamerger already announced this year. In this fluctuating environment, how can you design a supply chain that’s optimal for today’s business yet prepared for tomorrow’s potential disruption? When a merger or acquisition is announced, what are the biggest inherent challenges for supply chain executives and how can they best be tackled?

  • What is the outlook for further major M&A activity in the near-medium term?
  • In terms of supply chain impact, what are the biggest pitfalls companies should look out for?
  • How to successfully integrate new product lines
  • Overcoming internal collaboration issues
  • How are the people impacted? Managing uncertainty within the team
  • Not just a headache: How to take advantage of the supply chain opportunities created by M&A


Mathijs Luts

Director Supply Chain EMEA & India
St. Jude Medical

Paul De Swaef

VP Supply Chain Operations EMEA

Glynis Sylvester

Becton Dickinson

10:50 AM - 11:30 AM Morning networking break

Working with Customers and Partners to Optimise the Supply Chain

11:30 AM - 12:20 PM CASE STUDY REVOLUTION: Applying Operational Excellence to improve customer collaboration: How to optimise collaboration strategies with customers to increase efficiency and customer loyalty

Rick Demarais, Director, Global JJOS Deployment Leader, Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Chet Damania, Senior Manager, Customer Solutions, Johnson & Johnson

In this session you will understand how J&J Customer & Logistics Services is advancing the customer experience by applying the principles of Operational Excellence and collaborating more effectively with customers. Learn from the leading global medical device company how you can significantly improve the relationship with your customers.

  • What is the outcome of hospital budget cuts on medical device supply chains?

  • How to deal with higher expectations from the customer

  • How can we manage inventory to meet customers need in the most efficient way?

  • How to better tailor our services to customers: How to segment customers and adapt services accordingly

  • How to advance end-to end supply chain capabilities


Rick Demarais

Director, Global JJOS Deployment Leader
Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems

Chet Damania

Senior Manager, Customer Solutions
Johnson & Johnson

12:20 PM - 12:40 PM KEYNOTE: How to leverage a partnership with a 3PL to thrive in a changing healthcare landscape - Collaboration as the key to success

Chris Leach, Managing Director Healthcare Enterprise Accounts, UPS Europe
  • Shifting regulations and changing market trends
  • The challenge for medical device companies to adapt while maintaining healthy profit margins
  • How supply chain best practices can make companies more agile and adaptable
  • The role of a 3PL in streamlining and optimising your supply chain


Chris Leach

Managing Director Healthcare Enterprise Accounts
UPS Europe


12:40 PM - 1:50 PM Networking lunch

Choose your afternoon track or sign up to the workshop or creative boardroom sessions – limited places available.


12:40 PM - 1:50 PM MASTERCLASS: Pursuing the perfect order: How can automation drive supply chain savings and customer excellence?

Peter-Paul Van Heesewijk, Vice President, Global Customer Service, St. Jude Medical Emmanuel Olivier, Worldwide Chief Operating Officer, Esker Adelin Odent, Belgium Sales Representative, Esker

An invaluable opportunity for you to turn theory into practice by applying your knowledge in an experienced classroom environment. Each masterclass is moderated by leading practitioners and is open to 25 active participants who form part of a high level interactive discussion.

Today’s customers expect greater levels of simplicity, transparency and self-service in every action they take. Meanwhile, executives are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and streamline manual processes. As a result, many medical device manufacturers have been forced to rethink their supply chain operations. If you are looking to meet your customers’ expectations, yet feel overwhelmed by the amount of manual fax, email and EDI orders to process, join this upcoming masterclass to discover the role that order processing automation plays in creating a more holistic, value-added supply chain via:

  • Reduced freight and inventory costs
  • Improved visibility and collaboration
  • Accelerated order cycle times
  • Greater business scalability

St Jude Medical will share with you their own experience and will explain how automation is one of the key they use to reach customer excellence. The pursuit of the “perfect order” just got simpler!


Peter-Paul Van Heesewijk

Vice President, Global Customer Service
St. Jude Medical

Emmanuel Olivier

Worldwide Chief Operating Officer

Adelin Odent

Belgium Sales Representative

STREAM A – PLANNING: Mastering Demand and Supply Planning and Accurate Forecasting

1:50 PM - 2:40 PM CASE STUDY REVOLUTION: Demand planning: Getting it right the first time – achieving sustainable and strategic results

Björn Neal Kirchner, Vice President Supply Chain Management, HARTMANN Group
  • Increasing awareness: How mature is your demand planning process?
  • Increasing visibility within planning - how can this be improved and what will it achieve?
  • Internal collaboration and communication: Integrating sales, marketing and controlling into planning
  • How to translate planning concepts into reality: Functional demand planning trainings
  • How to bridge value and volume planning: Involving controlling


Björn Neal Kirchner

Vice President Supply Chain Management

STREAM B – LOGISTICS: Optimising Distribution Networks

1:50 PM - 2:40 PM CREATIVE BOARDROOM: What is the impact of Customer Centric Initiatives of medical device companies on the supply chain?

Peter Trappeniers, Senior Customer Care Manager, Terumo BCT
  • What does the term “Customer Centric” really mean?
  • How can we understand the customer better than they know themselves from a Supply Chain point of view?
  • We now know that not all customers are equal and we need to stop a one-size fits all - so what now ?
  • How to identify the right experiences for the right customers


Peter Trappeniers

Senior Customer Care Manager
Terumo BCT


1:50 PM - 2:40 PM CREATIVE BOARDROOM – LIVE STREAM WEBEX: Entering emerging markets – learn how to comply with local regulations, waivers, customs and set up successful distribution model

Ronald Schneijdenberg, Director Supply Chain Emerging Markets, Medtronic
  • How to comply with the regulatory requirements e.g packing, labelling and bar codes
  • Adhering to waiver, custom, and import processes
  • Sourcing reliable local partners to work with
  • How to set up a successful distribution network
  • Do you have local people working in DCs (outsource) or send employees there (insource)?
  • Direct deliveries to hospitals or using local distributors/agents?
  • Weather, temperature and shelf life considerations
  • How to avoid transportation and infrastructure hurdles
  • Creating an agile SC to cope with unforeseeable changes


Ronald Schneijdenberg

Director Supply Chain Emerging Markets

STREAM A – PLANNING: Mastering Demand and Supply Planning and Accurate Forecasting

2:40 PM - 3:00 PM CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Supply planning: Increasing visibility, globalisation and collaboration

Mathijs Luts, Director Supply Chain EMEA & India, St. Jude Medical
  • Improving global harmonisation across supply planning
  • How can supply planning be improved by the use of big data?
  • How to effectively introduce new product lines after a merger or acquisition
  • Made to order vs. consignment stock – impact on supply planning
  • Effectively dealing with both internal and customer budget cuts
  • How to overcome problems with large MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities


Mathijs Luts

Director Supply Chain EMEA & India
St. Jude Medical

STREAM B – LOGISTICS: Optimising Distribution Networks

2:40 PM - 3:00 PM CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: How to implement lean warehousing – The ‘horizontal layout’ approach

Martin Vonnemann, Head of Lean and Distribution Excellence, Coloplast
  • The challenge of improving warehouse efficiency
  • Detailing the concept of ‘horisontal warehousing’ and outlining the advantages
  • How to achieve successful implementation of ‘horisontal warehousing ‘and assessment of results


Martin Vonnemann

Head of Lean and Distribution Excellence



3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Afternoon networking break

Table 1: How to strengthen forecasting abilities with improved communication and enhanced security - Benefit from increased accuracy
Mathijs Luts, Director Supply Chain EMEA & India, St. Jude Medical

Table 2: How to successfully get S&OP processes started and run sustainably in the long-term
Björn Neal Kirchner, Vice President Supply Chain Management, HARTMANN Group

Table 3: Improving collaboration between logistics providers and medical device companies: Reducing costs, increasing flexibility and achieving global visibility
Pieter Nijman, Managing Director, ShipitSmarter
Mirko Müller, Senior Manager Logistics & Distribution, Beckman Coulter

Table 4: Optimising regional distribution strategies - don’t lose your customer focus
Wolfram Waschke, Director Customer Distribution and Warehouse, Supply Chain Management, HARTMANN Group

Table 5: How to re-design supply chain flows in order to reach optimal cost and better lead times - Improving efficiency and flexibility
Isabela Furtado, Supply Chain Manager EMEA, Terumo BCT Europe

Table 6: Advancing the customer experience: How to engage your customers and solve their biggest problems
Rick Desmarais, Director, Global JJOS Deployment Leader, Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems


Björn Neal Kirchner

Vice President Supply Chain Management

Mathijs Luts

Director Supply Chain EMEA & India
St. Jude Medical

Rick Demarais

Director, Global JJOS Deployment Leader
Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems

Wolfram Waschke

Director Customer Distribution and Warehouse

Isabela Furtado

Supply Chain Manager EMEA
Terumo BCT Europe

Pieter Nijman

Managing Director

Mirko Müller

Senior Manager Logistics & Distribution
Beckman Coulter

4:20 PM - 5:00 PM GUEST SPEAKER: Mastering personality styles to develop stronger cross-cultural relationships inside your supply chain organisation and beyond

Doug Spence, Executive Coach, Executive Coach

Focusing on cross-cultural communication, this session will highlight:

  • How to map personality across your global supply chain team
  • Advantages of identifying and leveraging cross cultural opportunities in your organisation
  • How to balance intellect and emotions to manage changes and reflect the needs of leadership
  • How to take control of key relationships


Doug Spence

Executive Coach
Executive Coach

A unique opportunity to listen to your customers’ perspective on how you can directly add value to them.

  • Detailing how hospitals are changing and the affect on medical device supply chains
  • E.g. Setting up in-house companies in order to claim back VAT: Impact on reporting of figures to med dev and consequently demand and supply planning
  • How are hospitals tracking products and how can this be improved? Increasing the visibility of products How should medical device companies adapt their supply chain strategies to add value to the customer experience?
  • In what ways should medical device companies improve their customer service?
  • What really matters on a day-to-day basis in the product delivery experience?
  • Impact of Brexit on the NHS and medical device supply chains


Roberto Tozzi

Vice President Global Supply Chain

Michaela Berlich

Deputy Head of Purchasing and Division Manager
University Medical Center Schleswig Holstein

Jackie Pomroy

Head of Supply Chain
NHS South of England Procurement Services

Chet Damania

Senior Manager, Customer Solutions
Johnson & Johnson

5:40 PM - 6:00 PM GUEST SPEAKER: Help save lives! How are surplus medical devices changing the lives of patients in the developing world?

Mike Isles, European Medicines Partnership Director, International Health Partners
  • What is the mission of International Health Partners (IHP)?
  • How has IHP made a real difference in disaster struck areas?
  • How can you contribute and enhance your organisation's corporate social responsibility


Mike Isles

European Medicines Partnership Director
International Health Partners

6:00 PM - 11:59 PM Oktoberfest Drinks Reception!

After a busy day of solution-focused sessions, relax and unwind with fellow speakers and attendees. Take advantage of the opportunity to network and share ideas off-line.