Glynis Sylvester

Becton Dickinson

10:10 ALL STAR PANEL: How can you best manage the impact of M&A on your supply chain? Keeping pace with a fast-changing landscape

It’s no secret that the medical device industry is in the midst of a period of unprecedented M&A activity and 2016 looks to be continuing the trend with the Abbott-St Jude Medical megamerger already announced this year. In this fluctuating environment, how can you design a supply chain that’s optimal for today’s business yet prepared for tomorrow’s potential disruption? When a merger or acquisition is announced, what are the biggest inherent challenges for supply chain executives and how can they best be tackled?

  • What is the outlook for further major M&A activity in the near-medium term?
  • In terms of supply chain impact, what are the biggest pitfalls companies should look out for?
  • How to successfully integrate new product lines
  • Overcoming internal collaboration issues
  • How are the people impacted? Managing uncertainty within the team
  • Not just a headache: How to take advantage of the supply chain opportunities created by M&A

14:35 ALL STAR PANEL: What is your biggest challenge within transportation? Overcome regulatory hurdles, decrease costs and negotiate effectively

A fantastic panel of top-level supply chain decision makers share their innovative transportation strategies.

  • Reviewing the changing regulations for transportation and impact on your role
  • How to reduce transportation costs without compromising your services
  • Learn how to strengthening your relationship with 3PLs/4PLs
  • How to effectively negotiate with procurement within 3PLs/4PLs

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Glynis.

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