LogiMed 2016 (past event)

17 - 18 October, 2016

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Peter Trappeniers

Senior Customer Care Manager
Terumo BCT

Peter’s has outstanding organisational decision making and follow through skills with a strong ability to oversee and manage multiple projects utilising diverse resources. He has over 10 years experience in strategic supply chains, logistics, business development, strategic planning and process development/improvement. His passion is to give a "customer satisfaction" twist to his company's important business processes.

13:50 CREATIVE BOARDROOM: What is the impact of Customer Centric Initiatives of medical device companies on the supply chain?

  • What does the term “Customer Centric” really mean?
  • How can we understand the customer better than they know themselves from a Supply Chain point of view?
  • We now know that not all customers are equal and we need to stop a one-size fits all - so what now ?
  • How to identify the right experiences for the right customers


Round Table 1: Trends for digital ordering in the medical industry: How to stay ahead of the curve

Jana Dallmann, Senior Manager Supply Chain Processes & Logistics, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

Round Table 2: How to use GS1 and the UDI to speed up regulatory approval. Assess the impact on the supply chain

Sylvia Reingardt, Sector Manager Healthcare, GS1 Germany

Round Table 3: Sustainability: Learn how to reduce energy consumption and waste and turn your supply chain green – don’t get left behind

Nele Bayen, Senior Operations Manager, St. Jude Medical

Round Table 4: Pharmaceutical industry: Improving the medical device supply chain by learning from advanced industries

Peter Trappeniers, Senior Customer Care Manager, Terumo BCT

Round Table 5: How to use The Internet of Things (IoT) to create a connected production floor, enhance visibility and monitor equipment and people

Valerij Krndija, Senior Transportation Manager EMEA, IDEXX Europe

Round Table 6: What is the impact of 3D printing on production, planning, distribution and DCs? Assessing the effect on cost, lead-time and product lines

Mike Isles, European Medicines Partnership Director, International Health Partners

Round Table 7: Cyber security: Make sure you know the risks and learn how to minimise them

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Peter.

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