LogiMed 2016 (past event)

October 17-October 18, 2016

44 (0) 207 368 9766

Simon Orchard

Vice President, EMEA Supply Operations & Customer Support

Simon is currently responsible for demand and replenishment planning, logistics and distribution across Europe, Middle East and Africa. His recent successes are in continuing to deliver a global supply chain excellence programme. Current challenges include, evolving commercial business models, company integrations and ensuring we meet or exceed compliance requirements.

09:00 ALL STAR PANEL: End-to-end visibility: How can you use data analytics to achieve and demonstrate supply chain value?

A fantastic panel of top-level supply chain decision makers from leading medical device companies share their ideas and strategies.

  • Multiple ERP systems – this can be a bigger challenge than partners and service providers – harmonise disparate systems
  • How can you access real-time data across the supply chain operation from service providers and CMOs?
  • How do you look beyond the myriad of data to gain meaningful results? – turn into intelligence and decision making
  • How can you prove the value of investing in data analytics?

10:30 CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Evolution to excellence of a pharmaceutical supply chain

  • What are the drivers for transformation?
  • What levers are most impactful to drive excellence?
  • How do you execute across a global organisation?
  • How far do you go in pursuit of excellence?
  • What are the practical considerations in developing such a program?