LogiMed 2016 (past event)

October 17-October 18, 2016

44 (0) 207 368 9766

Hajo Reißmann

Head of Medical Supply Controlling
University Medical Center Schleswig Holstein

Hajo’s main responsibilities are the analysis and reporting of the usage of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. The data are interpreted in close cooperation with the pharmacists and the specialists within the purchasing department and recommendations to the clinical users as well as to the management are derived. His biggest success has been the completion of a long overdue improvement of report content and his main challenges at the moment are two projects on data capture at the point of care and master data communication via GDSN.

15:50 CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Hear from the customer: How does the UDI help to improve processes in hospitals? What are the promises and the challenges?

  • How do pitfalls and shortcomings hamper processes including those at the point of care?
  • What is the ideal flow of materials and associated data that hospitals want to see?
  • How can implementation of the UDI improve the entire supply chain?
  • The challenges of stringent master data management

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